Microsoft Word 2003

Video! WordArt (Turn your speakers on)

WordArt allows you to add extra effects to text, such as:

Inserting A WordArt Object

  1. Place your cursor approximately where you want the WordArt.

  2. Select Insert from the menu bar then choose Picture, then WordArt - or click on the WordArt button on the drawing toolbar. The WordArt Gallery window will appear:
  3. Select a style from the style gallery then click on OK. The Edit WordArt window will appear:
  4. Enter the text for your WordArt.  If you want the text to span over more than one line (like above), press Enter to cut off each line.

  5. If desired, you can change the font and font size and add bolding and/or italics to the effect.

  6. Choose OK when done.

Note:  When you insert WordArt it is treated as an image/graphic, i.e. spell check will not check your text, WordArt can be sized and controlled as you would for an image file. 

Using The WordArt Toolbar

It is easiest to edit the WordArt object by using the WordArt toolbar.  To view it, click once on the WordArt object – the toolbar should appear (possibly at the bottom of your window) - if it doesn't, turn it on.

Refer to the following headings for more information on how to use each of the buttons available on the WordArt toolbar to edit and customize your effect.

  1. Insert WordArt - to insert a new WordArt image (back at step 1.)

  2. Edit Text - to edit the text within the selected WordArt image.

  3. WordArt Gallery - to select a different style from the WordArt gallery (as displayed above).

  4. Format WordArt - to edit the colors within and around the characters. There are four tabs available in the Format WordArt window. Select the Colors and Lines tab to effect (you guessed it) the colors and lines. The following options are available:
  5. WordArt Shape - to change the shape of the WordArt. Select from one of the following shapes:
  6. WordArt Same Letter Heights - to make all letters and characters the same height, regardless of whether you typed them in UPPER or lower case. Don't choose this option if you have any punctuation as it will stretch those characters too, i.e. a period will become an l. This is a toggle button so if you don't like the effect, simply click on this button again.

  7. WordArt Vertical Text - to change your text direction from horizontal to vertical. This is a toggle button so if you don't like the effect, simply click on this button again.

  8. WordArt Alignment - to change the alignment of the text within the WordArt. You can also stretch the letters. Try the various choices, you can always come back to the default of centered. Some of these choices are only noticeable with WordArt containing 2 or more lines of text.

  9. WordArt Character Spacing - to adjust the spacing between the WordArt characters.

Rotating WordArt

To rotate a WordArt image:

  1. Select the WordArt with a single click. Notice that a green circle handle appears at the top of your WordArt.

  2. Drag the green circle handle (at the top of your WordArt) to rotate it.

Need More Wave In Your Wave Or Slant In Your Slant?

To increase or decrease the amount of effect in your WordArt:

  1. Select the WordArt with a single click. Notice that one or more yellow diamond handles appear around the WordArt.

  2. Drag the yellow diamonds in, our, left or right to increase or decrease the amount of the effect.

There's more!

You can also use many of the controls available on the drawing toolbar to edit the WordArt . How about some 3D effects?

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